HELLA Electrify Sales Fleet

GeniePoint Network Enables Sustainable Transport for HELLA

7 May 2019ChargePoint Services, owner and operator of the GeniePoint Network, is working alongside global original equipment (OE) component manufacturer HELLA, to provide electric vehicle charging at their UK sales & distribution centre in Oxfordshire.

As part of their constant drive to improve the company’s green credentials, HELLA launched their “zero waste challenge” the aim of which was to recycle 100% of their office waste instead of sending it to landfill, by the end of 2018.  Following on from the success of this challenge, 2019 saw the decision to transition their sales vehicle fleet from diesel to plug-in hybrid vehicles.

“Hybrid vehicle emissions is significantly less than traditional diesel and petrol cars. As we are continually looking at ways we can help the environment, this was an obvious approach for us to adopt when considering our local sales fleet.” stated Matthew Say, Managing Director HELLA UK.

ChargePoint Services worked closely with HELLA to provide a solution that would meet the company’s current requirements as well as future needs as their fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles continues to expand.

The chargers installed are three twin socket, 22kW, 3phase units offering the latest in electric vehicle load-balancing technology, ensuring energy input is maximized for each vehicle at any one time.  Linked to the GeniePoint Platform, HELLA have monitoring and cost analysis facilities via the GeniePoint dashboard giving them detailed information on each vehicle.  Driver access is via smart phone or RFID card, ensuring their private chargers can be utilised only by authorised personnel.

Alex Bamberg, managing director, ChargePoint Services, said.  “HELLA are extremely forward thinking in terms of sustainability versus their business activities.  We were very pleased to be able to provide them with a high tech solution to meet specific EV charging requirements, whilst satisfying the company’s appetite to dramatically reduce carbon output by utilising clean transport solutions in their day to day activities”.

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